What Do You Put On The Best Hero Sandwiches?

There are all different kinds of delicious hero sandwiches. Some of the favorites vary by location, and some vary by personal preference and taste. What if your favorite hero? Many people love the Italian hero, and there are certainly different ways it can be made. If you’re a garbage disposal like I am, any ingredient suggestions would work for you. It’s time to take a look at some of the best hero sandwiches to see what’s out there lets start in a couple of restaurants Lewiston Maine.

First, when making a hero, it’s not just about what goes on the sandwich but how it’s made. It needs to be stuffed, and the meat isn’t supposed to just be inside. As a matter of fact, both the meat and the cheese are supposed to be literally hanging out of the sandwich. Everything has to be carefully constructed in order to make that happen, and yes, the meat and cheese need to be layered like one of my best Lewiston Maine restaurants. Now, what meats, cheeses, vegetables and other ingredients make up the best hero sandwiches?

You need to identify what type of bread you’re going to use for that sandwich, too. A good crispy bread is always a great choice. While you might not include every meat and cheese known to man on your hero, you certainly can try. But then there are the niche heroes, like the French Dip. Do you like French Dip heroes with Au Jus sauce? They are certainly delicious.

Turn the Dagwood into a hero. You can also turn the clam roll into a hero. You see, what a hero depends on what you make of it, and you can certainly turn some of the best sandwiches into heroes. What about a pastrami sandwich turned into a hero, or a Reuben? That sandwich doesn’t have to absolutely be on rye bread? That does sound delicious indeed.

Personally, I would rather try to pile as many meats on there as I could, including salami. Hard salami would make your sandwich a version of an Italian hero. Maybe it’s time to throw some olives on there, some olive oil, a few banana peppers, and well, you get the idea. What kinds of sauces are you going to use? What kinds of cheeses are you going to use? Some sharp cheddar, provolone, American and pepper jack cheese sounds like a plan to me. Pile that hero high, and if you need some ideas, there are all kinds of recipes out there.

Vaction time let’s start off in Maine as we go to the best and most popular restaurant’s this place has to offer. We will start off with the Subs to Pizza to Italian food we got you covered so i hope you guys are ready forĀ  this as we get a tone of info together for all travelers